Lowe Frequency is a creative sound post production studio in London, UK. With over 10 years’ experience, we have the skills, expertise and dedication to deliver great sound for your production. Whatever your budget, we can discuss your needs and requirements, taking the stress and worry out of the process for you. We can work completely remotely, or you can attend the sessions, whatever works best for you.

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We provide sound for


Sound editing

Starting with dialogue recordings, either from your shoot or recorded in a studio, ensuring a consistent sound.

We then start working with the sound effects, backgrounds, and Foley, building up the complete sound track.

Sound design

Sometimes sound editing alone isn’t enough, and we need to create completely new sounds for your production.

We combine, manipulate and chop sounds together to create the perfect end result.


Audio restoration & Noise reduction

Sometimes location sound may have problems, such as excessive background noise, excessive reverberation from the room, hum, rustling from radio mics, or crackling bad cabling.

We have the latest tools to get your recordings sounding their best.

Location sound recording

We can record sounds on location in the UK or abroad, with our location sound recording kit. 

We can record in mono, stereo or Ambisonics, resulting in a fully immersive sound recording.

Library music

If your production requires music, we can source a suitable tracks from a number of music libraries. We then edit them to fit your production perfectly.

We can also license tracks for you, removing stress and complication from the process.

Sound mixing

We can mix in mono trough to 7.1 surround sound, and to any technical specification. 

This includes cinema mixes for DCPs, EBU R.128 & ATSC A/85 mixes for broadcast, and online mixes suitable for platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

We provide


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